The Community

Touching Lives Communities are exactly that; communities. They are small, fully secure, ultimately gated properties with creative landscaping that can be culturally specific in design. When entering through the gates, families may see bird feeders tended to by residents, ponds, loved-ones on walking paths strolling with pets, and seniors actively tending to their own gardens. It is a safe, inviting, beautiful outdoor space where people want to enjoy their days with their neighbors.

Touching Lives Community Design

Facilities, Programs and Services

Adult Day Health Care
In addition to the various programs and services offered to Touching Lives Community residents in their own homes and shared communities, there is Adult Day Health Care center on every property.  The Adult Day Health Care center is open to people who are not residents too. It is a place where a vulnerable adult can come during the day and participate in one-of-a-kind programs and care services and go home at night. It allows the loved one to live in their family home and empowers the family to go about their daily routines with the knowledge that their loved one is in a safe environment with stimulating programs designed to enhance lives.

A few of our Unique Programs and Services offered in Adult Day Health Care:

As with all Touching Lives Communities staff, the Adult Day Health Care staff is proud of the professional qualifications, scrupulous care, and dedication of the entire team. From registered nurses to licensed social workers, families can rest easy that their loved ones are being cared for at all times while with us. Staff is current on new practices with on-going training.

Comfort can be taken in the knowledge that participants are in a safe, friendly, homelike environment with a highly qualified staff passionate about delivering Quality Care with Cultural Comforts.

The hospice program is founded on the core value of the Touching Lives Community philosophy of honor and respect. It is our belief that everyone has the right to experience the end of life’s journey in a place of peace and tranquility while receiving exceptionally high quality health care from experienced professionals who understand the cultural needs of individuals.

Cultural Bus Tour Program
Flagship Franchises, Inc., the Touching Lives parent company, is proud to be launching this innovative program the fall of 2012. This is a program offered to Touching Lives Community residents as well as to seniors outside of the residential program.

The Cultural Bus will have scheduled outings for a period of ten weeks. The Twin Cities is a culturally rich community. Each week the seniors will be visiting various cultural destinations in Minneapolis and/or St. Paul. This program is yet another example of how Touching Lives Community will provide a rich, active, stimulating life to residents and seniors in the area.

Touching Lives Community residents have access to our on-site transportation. We also provide transportation to those outside of the resident population to those who participate in programs offered in the Touching Lives Communities open to the public.

Deb Delaney, the Founder of Touching Lives Community and CEO of parent company, Flagship Franchises, Inc., is an ordained minister. Deb is more than willing and able to conduct wedding ceremonies or special funeral services. This provides yet another extraordinarily unique service to residents, program participants and their families.